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Since 1992, Midwifery Today has been a leader in education for midwives. In addition to publishing a magazine, we have put on over 75 conferences throughout the world. In keeping with the times, we are expanding our reach by offering online classes for beginning and seasoned midwives, as well as other birth professionals. Whether you live in Fiji, France or a country in between, we will have the class for you. Check our site for current classes, and look for upcoming specially-themed conferences.

We are using Adobe Connect, an online platform that is robust with features that allow for interaction not only with the speaker but also with other participants. Midwifery Today creates each online class to be fun, informative and inviting. As a participant, you will have the ability to ask questions, participate in activities, interact in breakout sessions, download handouts and surf the links suggested by presenters. Moreover, each class is recorded, so, if you should miss a class, you are able to access the recording at your convenience. Finally, the classes are monitored by a Midwifery Today online event manager who is there to help should any technical difficulties occur.

New Classes

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Past Classes

Past classes are available for purchase.

  • Summer Celebration: Tricks of the Trade
    Jan Tritten
    Tricks of the Trade is an open forum in which Jan shares the variety of tricks she has learned through the midwifery trade but also invites the participants to share theirs!
  • The Doula
    Shea Hardy Baker
    The Doula is a class that will help you gain confidence as a doula as well as guide you on how to develop, grow and diversify your birth practice.
  • Doulas and Care Providers
    Shea Hardy Baker
    Doulas and Care Providers covers a variety of topics which will help you create positive working relationships with the variety of care providers in your community.
  • Emotional Issues in Labor
    Fernando Molina
    Emotional Issues in Labor is a deeply inspiring class that will show you how to be pillar of strength for motherbaby and inspire you to have total faith in the birth journey.
  • Becoming a Midwife
    Jan Tritten
    Are you interested in a career in birth and don't know where to start? This class is perfect for setting you on the right path to begin a new career in midwifery. Learn what it all entails, what to expect and how to get educated.
  • Becoming a Midwife: Keeping Pregnancy Normal
    Gail Hart
    Learn how to facilitate a normal pregnancy naturally with little to no intervention. This class is a fantastic foundation-builder for aspiring midwives, doulas as well as seasoned midwives and expecting mothers.